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Sivi pinot

Sivi pinot

The wine is crystalline with a straw yellow colour and coppery shades. It has a pleasant fruity nose with a hint of green apple and a touch of floral scents. Its fruitiness is preserved in the mouth. Its minerality is expressed in a long fresh finish. It's a perfect match for rich pasta dishes, as well as for vegetable dishes.


Pinot Gris was already known in the Middle Ages in the Burgundy region ( France), probably under the name of Fromenteau. From there it spread to Switzerland; in 1300 it reached Hungary (vineyards over Lake Balaton were planted by Cistercian monks, that is why in Hungary Pinot Gris is called szűrkebarát - "grey monk"). At the end of the 16th century it got the name Rulander after the wine merchant J. S. Ruland from Speyer (Germany),who brought the grapevine from France to Pfalz region in 1711.


Pinot Gris, or Ruelaender is a white grape variety and is a bud mutation of Pinot Noir (Blue Burgundy).The vine requires deep and fertile soil. It is relatively resistant to different vine diseases and to frost. Since this tiny vine develops tiny grapes, it needs pruning with the high cordon system. it ripens in late mid season.

Sivi pinot 2015

Grape variety: 100% Pinot Blanc
Vineyards/Sites: Belo-vrh, Grbunovo
Harvest: manual, the first half of September
Vinification: maceration - 24 hours in inox vessels
Ageing/maturing : 12 months in 225 l oak barrels (French oak) and additional 4 months in the bottles h
Alcohol content: 13,0%
Total acidity: 5g /l
Average vine age: 15 years
Vineyards/Exposure: south and southeast
Density of vines per hectare: 4.000-5.000
Altitude: 146-250m
Vine training: single Guyot
Soil type: sandstone and slate (flysch or "opoka")
Yield per hectare: 3.500-3.800 l
Quantity of bottles produced: 4.500
Bottle capacity: 0,75l, 1,5l, 3,0l
Recommended serving temperature: 10-12°C
Ageing potential: 5-10 years and more