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Wine amphora is not a craze

Wine stored in amphoras is not a craze, but a tradition with a history of 8 thousand years. It originates in Giorgia, the cradle of viticulture. The historians established that were actually the Georgians the first to start producing wine, the tradition that was later taken by the Ancient Greeks .


The wine is crystalline with an intensive yellow colour and shades of amber. It's dense and it leaves viscous streaks on the edge of a glass. Its bouquet is intense and refined. The first nose is honeyed, later its fruity aroma of orange peel and dried apple slices prevails, combined with hints of pepper spiciness . The sensation of fruitiness and honeyed taste persist in the mouth. The finish is intense and long, mineral and fresh. A very complex wine. In combination with food it breaks down all the stereotypes : it matches perfectly with a fawn fillet.

Wine production of Amfora

The selection of grapes starts in the vineyard - at a selected site and is chosen among the grape varieties, typical of our wine region : Ribolla, Malvasia, Sauvignon Vert ( Tokai), using only healthy grapes at the peak of their ripeness. The grapes are destemmed in quevris – clay pots and are macerated after being fermented in their own yeast. During the first month the grapes are stirred manually - up to six times a day. The pots then remain closed for the next ten months. After this period the wine is poured into large oak barrels, where it is left to age for additional 12 months.

Amfora 2007

Alcohol content: 12,5%
Total acidity: 5g /l
Average vine age: 40 years
Exposure: southwest and southeast
Density of vines per hectare: 4.000-5.000
Altitude: 150-250 m
Vine training: single Guyot
Soil type: sandstone and slate (flysch or "opoka")
Yield per hectare: 3.500-3.800 l
Quantity of bottles produced 7.400
Bottle capacity
: 0,75l, 1,5l, 3,0l
Recommended serving temperature: 15-18°C
Ageing potential: 10 years or more