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House specialties

Jota turnip minestrone

In Brda one of the traditional dishes is made with turnips. They are fermented for two months with the grape skins of our Merlot. Grated turnips are then called ”brovada''. Prepare the minestrone without forgetting to add the pork chops. Add the turnip and make everything boil once more. Serve the minestrone by adding some local good quality olive oil .


Anyone who has ever tasted the dishes he prepares, knows that they are made with all the devotion and skills that Brda cuisine demands. The choice of ingredients is typical of Brda cuisine, while the preparation and a variety of combinations take us to the lands of Mediterranean and French hills.

Creme brulée

A dessert that takes us to the wine grower's homeland – France. Creme brulée is first cooked and then baked afterwards. Crispy sugar crust adds a sweet taste to this delicate dessert. Although prepared in Brda, numerous guests consider it the best vanilla cream dessert that they have ever tasted.

Spinach ravioli

We prepare the pasta dough based on our grandmother's recipe. It's best when it's made with homemade eggs. We put the hand-rolled dough into the muffin models and prepare the filling with young spinach, picked in our garden. We add the Parmesan dressing and prepare the dish au gratin in the oven.