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House specialties

Jota turnip minestrone

In Brda one of the traditional dishes is made with turnips. They are fermented for two months with the grape skins of our Merlot. Grated turnips are then called ”brovada''. Prepare the minestrone without forgetting to add the pork chops. Add the turnip and make everything boil once more. Serve the minestrone by adding some local good quality olive oil .

Krotegin ''under the bell''

In winter time, when there is time for "koline" (homemade sausages), we offer homemade meat products. Krotegin (cotechino) is a type of sausage, typical homemade kožarica (made with pork skin). Our specialty is that we make it in a form of salami. The meat is minced more finely than for a sausage and it's a bit spicy. We put it in the pot, add potatoes, carrots and some leek and cover everything with a bell- shaped lid . We cook it in an open fireplace for an hour and a half. We serve it cut into slices. Potatoes, cooked in this manner, in pork fat are particularly tasty.

Porcini flan with home-made radicchio and sausage

We add chopped sauteed porcini to the cottage cheese and Parmesan mixture. We bake all together in cups as souflée in bain marie. We serve the dish with winter radicchio from our home garden and with traditional pork sausage, cooked in wine.


Anyone who has ever tasted the dishes he prepares, knows that they are made with all the devotion and skills that Brda cuisine demands. The choice of ingredients is typical of Brda cuisine, while the preparation and a variety of combinations take us to the lands of Mediterranean and French hills.