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The culinary offer at the KABAJ homestead

Where now there is the facility (above the main cellar), there used to be a village inn, where people used to drink homemade wine, offer tobacco and salt. Sometimes they played boule in front of the inn.

Traditional Brda cuisine offer

Mild climate and the landscape have had significant influence on the cuisine of Goriška Brda. The variety of traditions (Slovene, Friulian, Habsburg) have intertwined on this strip of land, giving »Brda« cuisine its special touch. The recipes, carefully written down by our grandmothers and treasured with jealousy in their cookery books, will impress even the most demanding gourmet. Good Brda wine makes food become a complete culinary delight, appreciated for a long time. At the Kabaj Morel homestead we used the old recipes, giving rich Brda cuisine a touch of Mediterranean, a touch of creativity.

Private group reservations

We offer pre-arranged menus and personalized wine choices for gourmet pampering for private groups. On request we arrange a guided wine cellar tour or a visit to the nearby sites. We host larger groups by prior arrangement.