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Tourist farm KABAJ - Wine, Rural tourism Goriška Brda

Ribolla grapes

Ribolla has elongated grapes with rather tight bunches. Grape stalk is short. Berries are medium sized, round and yellowish with thick skin. Ribo lla is a grape variety with medium grape density, with mid to late season ripening and regular and high yielding. >

The culinary offer at the KABAJ homestead

Where now there is the facility (above the main cellar), there used to be a village inn, where peop le used to drink homemade wine, offer tobacco and salt. Sometimes they played boule in front of the inn. >

Wine amphora is not a craze

Wine stored in amphoras is not a craze, but a tradition with a history of 8 thousand years. It originates in Giorgia, the cradle of viticulture. The historians established that were actually the Georgians the first to start producing wine, the tradition that was later taken by the Ancient Greeks . >
From soil to glass
Wine making in dolia (amphoras) in the Wine cellar Kabaj

Sivi pinot

The wine is crystalline with a straw yellow colou... >
Ruby red colour, dense in a glass. Ripe plum, plum jam aroma with a hint of smoke. Rich and full taste in the mouth. Long finish, still a bit tannic, with not very rough texture of tannins. >

Gift cards for special occasions

Celebrate special occasions with a gift card Kabaj. You can choose between numerous pampering choices. We are convinced that its recipient will appreciate the gift for a long time. >